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Considering the Need for a Final Expense Life Insurance Policy?

A final expense life insurance policy is a good option for those who:

  • Do not want to answer health questions or take a medical examination.

  • Would like between $5,000 and $25,000 in coverage to help cover expenses.


  • This policy may be in addition to the coverage you currently have.

  • ​Final expense insurance is available for ages 0-85.

  • If death occurs at any time by accident, the full death benefit will be paid. For any non-accidental death

      within the first two years, we will return all premiums paid plus interest guaranteed to be 4.5% or greater.

If you have questions please contact or email:


Marvin A. Johnson
JMJ Insurance and Associates
Tel: 828-582-7683
Asheville/Durham, NC

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